Vendor Advocacy

Selling a property can be extremely time consuming and stressful. Significant groundwork is required and critical decisions must be made such as when to sell, the best Agent to engage and which method of sale and fee structure is going to deliver the best result for you.

A vendor’s advocate acts as a liaison between you (as the seller) and your real estate agent. An Advocates role is to guide you through the entire selling process, starting with advising you on the best time to sell through to selecting a reputable real estate agent, then assisting with negotiations.

The team at Property Way are dedicated to helping you achieve the best sale price for your property and ensuring the entire process runs as smoothly as possible.

Pre-Purchase Advice

The purchase of a property represents a significant commitment and is generally the single largest transaction that a property owner will make in their lifetime.

Independent research and advice is critical to making informed decisions.

If there is any doubt in your mind surrounding the property you have chosen or if you lack confidence in certain aspects of the purchase process, obtaining an unbiased, independent opinion is critical. We can provide assistance with:

  • Determining the market value of the property
  • Understanding the competing supply in the suburb you are buying in
  • Completing property inspections if you are overseas or interstate
  • Completing a comprehensive due diligence checklist on the property
  • Auction attendance and negotiations

We can provide a variety of services to offer you peace of mind and mitigate as much risk as possible so you achieve the best result.

Property Management

Selecting the right property manager to look after your property is critical to both protecting your investment and maximising your returns.

At Property Way we offer a superior service to our competitors.

Unlike local real estate agents, we have an in depth knowledge of all property styles across all areas of Melbourne. We ensure you receive the best returns possible and attract the best tenant for your new property. We excel in client communication and ensure our owners are well informed at all stages throughout the tenancy process and beyond.

We are also able to monitor and advise you of the value of your asset because of our expertise in property research and acquisition. This not only offers you piece of mind but also enables you to understand and identify the best time to leverage off or sell your property.